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Card. George Unintentionally Hits the Nail on the Head


Catholic News Service has video of an interview with Cardinal Francis George of Chicago about the HHS mandate.  He does not seem to understand how the mandate works. When he says, "we will simply not cooperate," he hits the nail on the head - Catholic institutions that are exempt or accommodated don't really do anything. The mandate applies to their insurance company or the Third Party Administrator of their self-insured plan.

+Cupich on HHS Mandate


Bishop Blase Cupich has posted the text of a letter he wrote to those who work in catholic ministries that might be effected by the HHS mandate. Unlike Bishop Robert Lynch's recent statement, Bishop Cupich wrote directly to those workers who, understandably, might be worried that the ministries where they work could be closed down or that their access to health insurance might be cut-off.  The money quote:

Why I came to love Benedict XVI


Some leaders know which moments or decisions in their lives will lead all biographies of their lives. Winston Churchill knew that his leadership during World War II would be the central theme of all future historians looking at his life. John F. Kennedy understood that his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis would define his role in the history books: If he messed that up, nothing else would matter.


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