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CHA's Statement on HHS Revisions


For me, the best part about Pope Benedict's resignation is that I caught a break from writing about the HHS contraception mandate. But, it is important to read the statement issued by the Catholic Health Association.

The statement does two important things.

First, it eschews the combative tone that some have adopted towards the administration and focuses on fixing any remaining problems, finding solutions rather than bumper sticker slogans.

The Itch That Is Dangerous


All this week, those of us who write about the Church for a living have had some interesting conversations with our more well-known colleagues in the press who know little about the Church. Actually, strike that last comment. I have been studying and reading about the Church for all of my adult life and I still know little about it. There are vast areas of study I have not engaged, whole regions that remain opaque, and theological debates I have not jumped into, and, as I say, I have been at this for more than thirty years.


Garry Wills Please Go Away


Garry Wills, in an essay at The New York Times, gives away his argument in the very first paragraph. He writes:

In monarchies, change is supposed to come from the top, if it is to come at all. So people who want to alter things in Catholic life are told to wait for a new pope. Only he has the authority to make the changeless church change, but it is his authority that stands in the way of change.

Card. George Unintentionally Hits the Nail on the Head


Catholic News Service has video of an interview with Cardinal Francis George of Chicago about the HHS mandate.  He does not seem to understand how the mandate works. When he says, "we will simply not cooperate," he hits the nail on the head - Catholic institutions that are exempt or accommodated don't really do anything. The mandate applies to their insurance company or the Third Party Administrator of their self-insured plan.


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