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I am not a courageous person and my job entails little in the way of personal risk, unless you count getting cold hands waiting for the bus to take me to a conference or seminar downtown. Most mornings, the dust and dog hair in the study are the only threats to my health as I sit at my computer, read the emails, check out the key websites and pen my blog posts. For me, a tough day is one in which I have to change out of sweats.


Same-Sex Marriage & The Courts


Jonathan Rauch was the very first intellectual who ever made the case to me that same-sex marriage was not only an important cause, but an essentially conservative cause. I was unpersuaded then and remain more or less unpersuaded now. But, the fact that Rauch was pushing for same-sex marriage more than ten years ago when the idea was barely a ripple in the cultural consciousness of the nation, lends him an authority on the issue that few can claim. So, we should listen when he urges the Supreme Court not to intercede on the issue but let the political process play itself out.


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