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Yesterday, the U.S. government granted official recognition to the Syrian opposition. Yesterday, the negotiations over the fiscal cliff continued. Yesterday, North Korea launched a missile into orbit. Yesterday, Michigan passed a "right-to-work" law. But, you wouldn't have known it if you were watching CNN last night. As soon as news broke about a shooting at a shopping mall in Portland, Oregon, CNN went into ambulance-chaser mode. The shootings in Portland were awful, to be sure. My heart goes out to the victims' and their families.

Shame in Michigan


Michigan’s Republican-controlled legislature slammed through so-called, and misnamed, “right-to-work” laws yesterday and Republican Governor Rick Snyder signed them into law. Michigan, home of the United Auto Workers, scene of the Flint sit-down strike in the 1930’s, became the twenty-fourth state in the Union to adopt these flawed laws.


B16 on the Sensus Fidelium


So, it appears that I am not the only one concerned about a certain sloppiness in appealing to the sensus fidelium. Pope Benedict XVI addressed the issue in his recent comments to the International Theological Commission. I think the Holy Father makes a key point: The sensus fidelium must cohere, in a sense, with what is known as the Vincentian canon, that is, what has been believed always, everywhere and by everyone.

Key Republicans on Immigration


Politico profiles five key Republicans in the upcoming debate about immigration reform. As the story indicates, a pathway to citizenship still looms as an obstacle, but those who oppose such a pathway must ask themselves if the idea of a two-tier system of citizenship is healthy for a democracy. They must also ask themselves why, in this case, the idea that Congress might change the penalties for a crime, in this case, entering the country without proper documentation, cannot be changed.

Values & The Fiscal Cliff


Values. I do not like it when our religion is reduced to ethics, as regular readers know. The important thing to know about the Catholic faith is not that it imparts good values to its communicants but that it imparts the Word of God which saves us from final damnation. We hold to what we believe because it is true, not because it is efficacious. And, because it is true, because God’s verdict on this person known as Jesus was different from the verdict rendered by Pilate, then the teachings of Jesus become normative.


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