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2013: The Democrats


In 1932, after his election to the presidency, Franklin Delano Roosevelt asked Frances Perkins to come to Washington and join his Cabinet as Secretary of Labor. The two knew each other well, having worked together in Albany during Roosevelt’s tenure as Governor of New York, which was then the largest state in the country. Perkins said that she would only take the post if the President would commit to a range of issues, such as Social Security.

Dems For Life Get Ready To March


This year, the annual March for Life will be held on January 25, not the 22nd, so as not to conflict with the inauguration of President Obama on the 21st. As always, Democrats for Life will be hosting an informal breakfast before the March, and then head down to the national mall together. This year, the group will be meeting at Catholic University's Pryzbyla Center for breakfast at 9:30. Then, they will grab the metro down to the March.

Millennial's Greatest Hits


One of the best new blogs to emerge this year was Millennial, sponsored by Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, but written by younger, millennial Catholics. Sarah Christian has a post up with links to some of their most important articles in their four months of existence. They are covering a lot of turf over there, and doing so with a fresh voice the Church, and the nation, desperately need.

Teaching the "Nones"


Over at CatholicMoralTheology.com, Julie Rubio writes about how teaching theology to undergraduates has changed in recent years as the ranks of her students fill with "nones" - those who when asked their religious affiliation self-report that they have "none." It is depressing reading, but she points us, with some help from Paul Elie, towards a part of the solution, namely, we need great artists who will allow their faith to help generate culture.


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