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Melady for President!


A little over a week ago, I was speaking with former US ambassador to the Holy See, Thomas Melady. We were discussing the closeness of the polling in the presidential election. Mr. Melady is one of the national co-chairs of “Catholics for Romney” so, as you can imagine, his politics are not my politics, but I enjoy the ambassador’s take on issues and always learn a great deal from our conversations. After a few minutes, Melady said, “Well, whatever happens, the country must come together after the election.” I replied, “There it is.

Early Voting


Blessings on Ruth Marcus for raising concerns about early voting. Of course, in this election cycle, the big news on voting is that some in the GOP have abandoned what had been a long tradition of bipartisan commitment, embodied in the League of Women Voters, to increase voter participation. It is shameful and it is also shameful that so few conservative voices have been raised against it.

Must-Read: Gibson on "Catholic Moment"


Over at Religion & Politics, David Gibson suggests that American politics may have reached its "Catholic Moment" but that it is anyone's guess if American Catholics will figure out how to make the most of such a moment. Very insightful piece as we have come to expect from Gibson. Full disclosure: I am on the advisory board of Religion & Politics but I did not solicit nor edit Gibson's article.

Big News From Indiana


A new poll in the Indiana Senate race shows Democrat Joe Donnelly opening up a significant lead, 47% to 36%, over Republican Richard Mourdock. Donnelly is a pro-life Democrat which makes him, like a pro-immigration reform Republican, gold. As well, Mourdock has disgraced himself twice, first by demonstrating an allergy to bipartisanship, which is the last thing DC needs, and second by doing such a dreadful job of explaining why his commitment to the sanctity of life should be reflected in law.

Why I Can't Vote for Obama


This is the second time I have found myself unable to vote for a Democratic incumbent seeking re-election to the presidency. In 1996, the straw that broke the camel’s back was President Clinton’s refusal to intervene in Bosnia during the siege of Bihac, but the camel’s back had been weakened by Clinton’s inability to articulate the kind of left-leaning economic populist message and policies that would have challenged the ascendancy of the moneyed interest.

More on Intrinsic Evil


Professor David Cloutier has an important article up at Commonweal. Cloutier, who teaches theology at that notoriously leftie hangout Mt. St. Mary's in Emmitsburg (that's a joke people!), examines the use of the concept "intrinsic evil" in the current political debate. With greater erudition, learning and theological heft, Cloutier makes the point I have been making for some time - it is the wrong category and its misuse makes the bishops look like they don't know what they are talking about.

Lies that Boomerang


Last week, Mitt Romney said that "he read" somewhere that Jeep was going to send all of its Ohio jobs to China. Chrysler officials politely pointed out this was completely not the case. Then Romney launched an ad that repeats the same canard, only extending the warning to include GM. Corporate officials usually do not jump into partisan fights. After all, both Democrats and republicans buy cars. But, Romney's brazen lie required a response.

Religious Voting Breakdown


At the Washington Post, Mark Rozell looks at different religious groups and how they will likely be voting this year. Rozell is a professor of public policy at George Mason University and a senior fellow at the Institute for Policy research & Catholic Studies at CUA, where I am a visiting fellow. He has been looking at this kind of data for years and no one knows this turf better.


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