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The chairmen of Evangelicals & Catholics Together (ECT), Timothy George and Thomas Guarino, have an article up at First Things about the on-going project that was initiated by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus and Chick Colson. I quibble a bit with their historical rendering: ECT did not simply start as an effort to adjudicate relations between the churches in their respective missionary efforts in Latin America.

To Tell the Truth


Some of you may be old enough to remember the game show “To Tell the Truth.” It featured three contestants all claiming to be the same person. The celebrity panelists asked questions to try and determine which of the contestants was who he or she claimed to be. Each show ended with the host saying: “Will the real –insert name- please stand up?”


The election will occur one month from tomorrow. And voters can be forgiven for wishing to mimic the told television show and ask: Will the real - insert Mitt Romney or Barack Obama- please stand up?


Anti-Muslim Bigotry Coming to Billboards Near You


Mark Silk has the story on Pamela Geller's posting anti-Muslim bigotry on billboards and advertisements in subway stations. I had never grasped the connection to Ayn rand in this story, which makes it more interesting, albeit no less repugnant.

Here is the link - http://www.religionnews.com/blogs/mark-silk/gellers-jihad. Besides, everyone should have Silk on their Favorites or Must-Read pages anyway.


James Carroll's Silly Solipsism


James Carroll was given ample space in the Boston Globe to explain his thoughts on the Second Vatican Council. And, fine writer that he is, he recalls with exquisite detail his entry into seminary in the early 1960s. He remembers what he was wearing, he remembers the changes in his routine, he remembers his surprise when a television was brought into the common room of the seminary so that the inmates could watch the opening of the Second Vatican Council.

Clark on Aquinas and the Budget


Meghan Clark has another thoughtful article, Part II in her series, on Thomas Aquinas and how his approach to ethical judgment requires the kind of careful analysis that some bishops - Morlino, Paprocki, Boyea come to mind - wish to ignore, preferring a kind of moral relativism that permits them to sweep all the moral failings of Mr. Ryan's budget under the rug of prudential judgment. As Clark indicates, Thomas is more demanding.


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