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The online journal of the Danforth Center, Religion & Politics, explores the often treacherous cultural fault lines between religion and politics, but if that were not enough, they have now posted an article by Max Perry Mueller that throws race into the already combustible mix.  Mueller is too kind to say that Andrew Sullivan's recent Daily Beast essay on this topic demonstrated - again!

Obstructionism: Will It Have Worked?


Ezra Klein’s article this morning focuses on an issue that has been bothering me for some time: The fact that GOP obstructionism these past four years appears to be working. Citing a string of newspapers endorsing Governor Romney on the hope that he will be able to work with Congress across party lines, Klein rightly wonders if the logic of these arguments will not actually embolden the intransigents in both parties.

Bp McElroy on Voting


Listening to bishops at election time can be dispiriting. So many seem intent on finding slightly opaque ways to tell their flock exactly how to vote, offering tendentious renderings of the moral calculi at work in voting, or invoking important moral categories like "intrinsic evil" and "prudential judgment" in ways that would not pass a Moral Theology exam in an undergraduate course.



Victoria Reggie Kennedy, the widow of Sen. Edward Kennedy, has joined the effort to oppose physician assisted suicide (PAS) in Massachusetts. She writes movingly about her husband's final months, and all that he was able to accomplish - in the additional year he had to live after his doctors had said he had only a few months! It is my hope that Mrs.

Cath Dems Seek To Persuade Undecideds


The group Catholic Democrats has published an e-book, “America Undecided,” in the final weeks of the election which, as the title indicates, is aimed at those sitting on the fence in the presidential election and making the case as to why those fence sitters should come down on the side of re-electing President Obama. Fill Disclosure: I know and admire two of the authors of the book, Doug Kmiec and Patrick Whelan, although I do not know the third, Edward Gaffney.

Weigel's Tendentiousness


Over at First Things and in his weekly column distributed to various Catholic papers, George Weigel asks “What Kind of Country Do You Want?” The short answer, of course, is a country with a higher standard of intellectual life such that it would recognize agitprop like Weigel’s essay for the partisan hackery it is. For the long answer, let’s take Weigel’s options one by one.

Como se dice "tsunami" en Espanol?


I am not betting any money on any polls this election cycle. But, if these numbers from Latino Decisions are accurate, Barack Obama will be re-elected president next week. The poll shows Obama winning Latinos by a margin of 73% to 21%. That is higher than in 2008 when Obama took 67% of the Latino vote, and there are today four million more Latinos eligible to vote than four years ago.

Mitt Romney's Intrinsic Evil


I am beginning to think that Gov. Mitt Romney must enjoy lying. Jonathan Cohn, at The New Republic, reports on Romney's mistaken claim about Chrysler auto jobs being sent to China, and after Chrysler publicly corrected him, now he is running ads on the same theme. I will also say that his slur against "the Italians!" is repulsive and should cost him the votes of Italian-Americans. This is ugly, ugly - better to say, bruta figura.

Election 2012: The Home Stretch


Over the past many weeks, I have used my Monday morning post to focus on different issues in this election. But, in terms of issues, the cake is now baked for both candidates. Neither candidate has made as good a case for their candidacy as could be made. Both has been more than vague about the hard choices needed to avoid the fiscal cliff that the winner will face immediately after the election. But, voters know the essential contours of the choice they have to make. The race now comes down to two issues, turnout and Friday’s unemployment numbers.


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