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Amy Sullivan on "Mitt the Man"


Amy Sullivan at the New Republic looks at Mitt Romney's performance through a distinctly female lens, and in the process pens a piece that is equal parts humor and incisive observation. I, too, was struck my Romney's tale of seeking out smart, capable women for his cabinet when he was Governor of Massachusetts. But, I had a slightly different take on that part of the debate. Sullivan was struck by the fact that Mitt seemed amazed there were so many smart, capable women out there available for hire.

Jewish Groups Call Off Meeting


Leading Jewish organizations have objected to a letter sent to Congress by several Christian religious leaders and canceled the previously scheduled meeting of the Jewish-Christian Roundtable.  The letter to Congress is, sadly, typical of the kind of anti-Israel nonsense that one often finds in certain circles of the left today, especially among the Christian left.

Bp Madden on Ecumenism & Vatican II


The USCCB is posting a series of blog entries relating to the anniversary of Vatican II. The most recent post comes from Bishop Denis Madden, chair of the USCCM Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs. Truly, the changed relationship between the Catholic Church and our brothers in Christ and non-Christian brothers in humanity, is one of the most obvious and outstanding fruits of the Second Vatican Council.

Round 2 Goes to Obama


Scoring debates is never easy. Watch a debate with a room full of partisans and they will almost always say their candidate won. (Two weeks ago, one need not put in the qualifying adverb “almost” but even Dems had to admit two weeks ago that President Obama was off his game.) And, the strangest phenomenon is that when the debates are actually clarifying, when the candidates are criticizing each others’ policies, undecided voters don’t like it, even though those are the moments that should impart the information they are looking for.


Robert Royal on Vatican II


At "The Catholic Thing," Robert Royal has an essay on Vatican II that avoids some of the histrionics of the right, but offers, too, a thoughtful criticism of some of the ways we on the left have interpreted Vatican II.  I do not always agree with Royal, in this piece or generally, but he is thoughtful and he avoids calumny. These days, that is an increasingly high bar for some on the right.  


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