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Phillip Blond: Red Tory Comes To America


Phillip Blond, author of Red Tory: How the Left and the Right Have Broken Britain and How We Can Fix It, will be giving a talk at Catholic University next Tuesday. Responding to Blond will be noted political thinker William Galston of the Brookings Institution and Cong. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE). The event is free and open to the public and you can register for it, and find out details of time and place, by clicking here.

The Other Election


A presidential race tends to garner all the focus, but in 2012, the races ofr Congress might prove just as decisive. If Obama wins, and does not help Democrats re-take the House, we could have four more years of stalemate. If the Republicans recapture the White House, but do not capture the Senate, look for Sen. Harry reid to become Mr. Obstruction.

Gerson on Mormonism


In this morning's Washington Post, Michael Gerson opines that he thinks more liberals will take exception to Mitt Romney's Mormonism than will conservatives. He may be right. I suspect many liberals correctly view the Mormon Church, like the Catholic Church, as a bastion of conservatism on key social issues like gay rights only without the Catholic Church's commitment to social justice to level the ideological playing field.

One Quibble with Faithful Citizenship


As mentioned below, I am glad that the bishops did not decide to re-open debate on the "Faithful Citizenship." But, the document does include one very unfortunate focus that is, frankly, somewhat strange coming from bishops who have a host of theologians upon whom to draw for expertise. The document speaks of the specialness of those acts which are "intrinsically evil" as especially repugnant when considering for whom to vote.


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