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Links for 10/31/16


At RNS, Mark Silk argues that the Al Smith dinner exposed Donald Trump for the boor that he is. This is true. But, what if Trump had used the event to normalize himself? It turns out that Lester Holt's even handed approach to moderating the first debate had a similar effect, but what if it hadn't? Democracies are not very well equipped to stop a demagogue. 

Links for 10/28/16


A colleague suggested to me that I might have been wrong about Raymond Arroyo auditioning for a job at Fox in my post this morning. Maybe he was auditioning for a job at Trump TV! Also, in looking at the trailer again, I realized that at one point, it features a photo of Fr. Michael Pfleger, the late Msgr. Jack Egan, and the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin. The photo montage is set against an audio of dark music and between images of small children and wolves. Nice. Check it out.


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