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Help for Puerto Rico


The headlines may be focused on the Greek debt crisis, but there is another, similar debt crisis coming to a head closer to home. The island of Puerto Rico has seen its bond market collapse, it is unable to raise the revenue to meet its debt obligations, and the whole economy on the island is teetering on the brink of collapse. “Congress should immediately extend bankruptcy protection to Puerto Rico,” said Eric LeCompte, executive director of JubileeUSA, a faith-based organization that focuses on issues of debt reduction. The island should have the same protections as any US city or state.

The Pope in Ecuador: He Never Read the Federalist Papers


The difference in worldviews between the Catholic and the modern, technological was on full display this morning. In Ecuador, speaking to civil leaders in Quito, the Holy Father said this:

I have often spoken the importance of the family as the primary cell of society.  In the family, we find the basic values of love, fraternity and mutual respect, which translate into essential values for society as a whole: gratitude, solidarity and subsidiarity. 

Oxi: The Greek Vote


Oxi. By an overwhelming margin, 61% of the Greek people said “no” to the austerity plans proffered by European finance ministers in exchange for re-financing the country’s debt. No one knows exactly what will happen now, especially later this month when Greece owes a huge payment on its debt, and as the country’s banking system totters on the edge of collapse.

Happy Birthday America


The other night, Turner Classic Movies ran the 1957 film adaptation of the Esther Forbes book Johnny Tremain, the young apprentice who was the Forrest Gump of revolutionary Boston. I remember reading this book when I was probably ten years old and it achieved its purpose. My young mind identified with all the noble sentiments young Johnny discovered in himself, most especially, loyalty to one’s country, which was an exceptional country, a country where, as James Otis says in the climactic scene, “a man can stand up.”


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