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Links for 08/26/26


At Commonweal, Tony Annett on George Weigel's essential blind spot: When others diverge from the Church's teaching, they are bad Catholics, but when he diverges, the Church is wrong. 

At RNS, Martin Marty on the on-going efforts at reconciliation between Catholics and Lutherans, and why it is both a good thing and a remarkable thing, even if no one is writing about it. 

Links for 08/24/16


At Crux, Carl Anderson has a strange essay, the title of which says Catholics should prioritize abortion when they consider how they will vote, citing the example of Mother Teresa. When you read the article, alas, you realize the title is misleading. First, Anderson does not make the case for prioritizing abortion, but essentially argues that it be absolutized. Pope Francis famously said that we Catholics cannot be obsessed only with abortion, same sex marriage and contraception.

Links for 08/23/16


Why is Trump campaigning in states he is sure to win, and others he is sure to lose? Nobody knows. Politico has the story. If Trump's strategy works, and the images of adoring crowds in Mississippi and Texas pass through the internet ether and persuade people in Ohio and Virginia and Florida, then the old adage will have been killed and all politics will no longer be local. 

No, Jerry Falwell Jr.: Trump is not like Churchill


It is impossible to respond to all the whacky things said by Donald Trump and his surrogates. But, Jerry Falwell Jr. published an op-ed in The Washington Post on Sunday under the headline "Trump is the Churchillian leader we need" and it warrants a reply. Falwell is the son of the founder of the Moral Majority, the Rev. Jerry Falwell. Jerry Jr. runs Liberty University, which Falwell Sr.


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