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The two sides of renewable spiritual energy


I remember a quarrel with one of my wealthier parishioners at First Congregational Church, in Riverhead, N.Y. She wanted to put a carillon (an arrangement of chromatically tuned bells) in the steeple. I, on the other hand, wanted her to fund the homeless shelter in the building that housed 150 plus people a night. She refused, and eventually, the carillon went in, at a cost of $10,000. 

Climate change discussion at CSMG 2015


Monday afternoon at the 2015 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering here, Franciscan sister and theologian Ilia Delio, Dan Misleh of the Catholic Climate Change Covenant and Eric Garundo of Catholic Relief Services presented a workshop on Pope Francis' vision for environmental activism.

The workshop anticipates that Francis will promulgate an encyclical on the environment and development late this sprint or early this summer. 

The boom (and bust?) of fracking


At Alternet, Cliff Weathers asks: "Is Fracking Really Dying?

"North Dakota’s numerous gas flares, even visible from the International Space Station, are flickering out as tens of thousands of energy workers are being given their pink slips," Weathers writes. "Small North Dakota towns recently bustling with workers and other fortune seekers are returning to the rural tranquility they once knew."


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