El Rio Debajo del Rio

Our Lady: Untie the strong woman


My grandmother said that if you listened to stories about Mother Maria for nine weeks straight without interruption ... or if you said the rosary for nine days straight without your mind wandering once ... or if you walked to one of Mama Marushka’s shrines in the woods for nine nights in a row -- nine being the number of months Blessed Mother carried the living Christo before giving birth to the Light of the world -- that if you would do any of these, that Blessed Mother would appear to you and answer any question you might have about how to live on earth fully ensouled.

Pius XII: Let us be The Blameworthy


"Water can wear through stone,"

good advice my grandmother said ...

but not if that prayer puts us to sleep

causing "sinful patience" or an aeternal "put-up-with,"

rather than rousing us to new ideas and actions.

Consider then, an additional path of heart ...

When the wound to a people or the soul is ancient

or ongoing, and hierarchies chronically

disturb the healings,

then, what say you my sister subversive soul,

what say you my brother co-conspirator,

let us rise up to heal the wounds,

bypassing the hierarchy completely ...

Elections 08: Uses and misuses of bitterness


Loss of "The Bounty"

You're wearing your scars inside-out, man,

Hardened Scars on the outside

Softest heart buried far down in the bilges....

That's backward, man; such a captain

disheartens, insults, barks orders far too harsh,

claims he's being lenient

when he orders sailors to be whipped in public,

instead of merely ordering they be hung til dead

Mending the torn soul


Levántate, da voces en la noche, al comenzar las vigilias;

Derrama como agua tu corazón ante la presencia del Señor;

Alza tus manos a él implorando la vida de tus pequeñitos,

Que desfallecen de hambre en las entradas de todas las calles.

Don’t just stand there, Rise Up!! Cry out! Cry out in the dark! Cry out at your vigil... Let your heart pour out like water ...let everyone and God see you are bold! Lift your hands! Lift! Your! Hands!... else your little children shall starve on every road.

Lamentations, 2:19

When women must rest: Come then the spirits in white


There is a place in soul and psyche, La selva subterránea, The underground forest... a mysterious locus which acts as El refugio, a protected place where the exhausted spirit can safely rest... and where attracted by La luz violeta the violet light from worldly wounds, angels come to tend to souls with infinite tenderness.


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