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Michael Sean Winters notes that today marks the 10th anniverary of Pope Benedict XVI's motu proprio Summorum Pontficum, "On the Use of the Roman Liturgy Prior to the Reform of 1970." He says Benedict greatly misjudged the impact this apostolic letter would have. Latin Mass decision gave rise to new divisiveness

Toledo, Ohio -- St. John XXIII Parish aspires to be 'a beacon of light' This is part of our ongoing coverage of parish life in the United States that we call the Field Hospital. What's the Field Hospital all about, you ask? Take a look here.

File these next stories under "The State of the World":

Global Sisters Report just completed a "virtual retreat," a 10-day eco-scientific-spiritual program led by Maryknoll sisters in the heart of Panama's tropical forest.

I'm trying my best to keep up with the health care debate, but .... it's so hard -- who knew?

Explore this NCR special report with recent articles on the topic of immigration and family separation.

Melissa Musick Nussbaum writes that Pallbearing, like life itself, carries weight, risk

Before (or after ... you decide) you read this CNN interview with Jesuit Fr. James Martin, Can this priest persuade church leaders to welcome gay Catholics?, check out Jamie Manson's review of Martin's book, Can Fr. James Martin's bridge hold up?

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