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Citing Francis, Jon Stewart takes on the GOP

Jon Stewart from "The Daily Show" on Friday showed off his new interest in Catholic matters focusing on Pope Francis and the jaw-dropping interview with Francis in America magazine.

This time, Stewart compared Francis' statements with those being made by normally Catholic-friendly Republicans -- Republicans now much out of step with Francis' new emphasis on, say, poverty and concentrated capital. The GOP has done what it can in recent years to use (and abuse) official Catholic teachings for its agenda. This will be more difficult going forward, as Stewart points out.

"Two entities -- the Holy See and the Grand Old Party -- used to see eye to eye on social issues, but no more," Stewart told Republicans, adding, "I guess you could say, boy, you know your ideology is rigid and outdated when the head of the organization that just got around to apologizing to Galileo shows more doctrinal flexibility than you."

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