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Who's Sorry Now?


Does NCR owe the Catholic community an apology? Russell Shaw, former spokesperson for the US bishops and the Knights of Columbus, thinks so.

“In a special way these days I’m reminded of those Catholic sources — periodicals like the National Catholic Reporter and Commonweal as well as some individuals claiming special wisdom — who raised their voices often and loudly last year to declare that even if Barack Obama and the Catholic Church didn’t quite see eye-to-eye on everything, the candidate was moderate man, committed to reducing the frequency of abortions and to much else congenial to the Church.”

Golden Dome Dustup


The ruckus over President Obama's invitation to Notre Dame's graduation is most obviously about abortion. In that sense it's a quarrel within the Catholic Church over how to treat those who differ from Catholic teaching.

But I believe there is a subplot that springs from academic politics. My instincts tell me that this might be a strategy to boost Notre Dame's reputation as a research university.

The scenario I've envisioned goes like this.


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