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Holy Capital Punishment


Jesus took a tumble across the street again this year. It happened in the midst of the annual "Way of the Cross" procession in which parishioners as Roman soldiers escort Jesus, falling from the weight of his pine board cross, to the church. 

Dozens of school children looked on, dazzled by the red and gold costumes and Star Wars helmets of the players, and fixed at the moment the young Jesus collapsed and a friend took the wooden burden from him. The children cheered the festivity and gasped at the fall.

Korean ship tragedy could shape Francis visit


We enter the Easter Triduum shaken to the bone by news that approximately 280 people -- mostly teenagers from a single high school -- are missing at sea after a ship carrying 475 people capsized off the coast of South Korea. Eighteen were confirmed dead by Thursday afternoon, with dozens more injured. Rescuers were frantically fighting bad weather and frigid waters as they searched for possible survivors in a small air trap within the five-story ship.

A look at the military from another angle


Last week, I reviewed Breach of Trust by Andrew Bacevich, an analysis of the impact of our failure to support our troops on the military and democracy. Then on Tuesday, I read George Packer's literary criticism of recent war fiction, "Home Fires," in the April 7 New Yorker. Packer says the writing reflects the essential falseness of our claims of support of our volunteer army.

Jimmy Carter on 'Interfaith Voices'


Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing former President Jimmy Carter on "Interfaith Voices" about his new book on women: A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence and Power.

During the interview, I asked him about his view of Pope Francis and if he would be willing to dialogue with him on the question of women's rights, including the possibility of ordaining women as priests in the Roman Catholic church.  He is more than willing.


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