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Hypocrisy in the ranks of the GOP


I think for the moment of Pope Francis' call to all of us to extend our selves in new ways to assist those on the peripheries of our society. Those out of jobs, in an economy lacking jobs, especially those capable of supporting families with real wages, come to mind. More than a million Americans have lost their unemployment benefits, as meager as these are, because the Republican Party refuses to extend these benefits. They say these "handouts" have gone on too long.

The War on Poverty: 50 years later


I've been in a lot of public demonstrations in my life, but my very first was in support of President Lyndon B. Johnson's War on Poverty. It was a large rally in downtown Pittsburgh, where I was teaching at the time.

And I actually remember the speech President Johnson gave announcing the War on Poverty in 1964. I cheered his words, and Congress at the time applauded loudly. But I have to wonder how our Congress today would react to those same words. A few cheers, perhaps, but many would be stone-cold silent.

Julie Andrews and the foundation of faith


I was watching "The Sound of Music" (the original movie version) on TV just before Christmas, and there was Julie Andrews, declaring her love for Captain Von Trapp. In the midst of her admission, she sings, "Nothing comes from nothing; nothing ever could." Those words hit me with a powerful force. She was proclaiming in lyrical form the foundation of the Thomistic argument for the existence of God. I thought, Yes, she is right. This is what I think, too. Good for you, Julie.

Behind-the-scenes Baltimore sisters unlikely face of ongoing contraception battle


The Little Sisters of the Poor have been a fixture in Baltimore for many years. They are a behind-the-scenes order ministering lovingly to the elderly in the community, including many elderly priests. I'm pretty sure that none of their members or those they minister to has any direct issues related to contraception. Yet they have wound up in the spotlight of the battle with the Obama administration over the mandate to offer contraceptive services as part of the insurance packages offered by the Affordable Care Act.


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