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Bishop faces tough question on difference between interracial, same sex marriage


During testimony in Congress yesterday, the bishop placed in charge of the U.S. bishops' new ad hoc committee for religious liberty faced a series of tough questions about when government workers should be allowed to excuse themselves from their work because of issues of conscience.

Steve Jobs once tried to call the pope


As a teenager, Steve Jobs called the Vatican to speak to the pope, says a new biography on the late Apple co-creator.

CNN has posted excerpts from the Walter Isaacson's new biography on Steve Jobs:

Jobs was introduced to Steve Wozniak in high school by a mutual friend, and despite their age difference (Wozniak was five years older), the two bonded over their love of electronics and practical jokes. "I was a little more mature than my years, and he was a little less mature than his, so it evened out," Jobs said.

Jobs and Wozniak built a "Blue Box," a device that allowed them to make long-distance calls for free by fooling the networks' routing switches. The two pranksters used the box to call the Vatican, with Wozniak pretending to be Henry Kissinger and asking to speak to the pope. They spoke to several Vatican officials but never actually got the pope on the line.

Crystal Cathedral plans


For those who follow the Crystal Cathedral news ...
The Christian Science Monitor reports:

The Crystal Cathedral has endorsed selling its sprawling campus to a university as part of a bankruptcy reorganization plan, church officials said Wednesday.

The church's board of directors has backed Chapman University's offer to buy the property if the church is unable to raise enough money to avoid a sale, the church said in a written statement.

Under the plan, the church would be able to continue to use a number of buildings on the Garden Grove campus and possibly repurchase them at a later date.

Read more of the story here.

On this day: Theodore Roosevelt


On this day in 1858, Theodore Roosevelt was born "in a brownstone house on Twentieth Street in New York City. A re-creation of the original dwelling, now operated by the National Park Service, replicates the tranquility of Roosevelt's earliest years. His father, Theodore Roosevelt Sr., was a prosperous glassware merchant, and was one of the wealthy old Knickerbocker class, whose Dutch ancestors had been living on Manhattan Island since the 1640s. His mother, Martha Bulloch, was reputedly one of the loveliest girls to have been born in antebellum Georgia. Together the parents instilled in their eldest son a strong sense of family loyalty and civic duty, values that Roosevelt would himself practice, and would preach from the bully pulpit all of his adult life."

Morning Briefing


Bishop to testify in Congress today on religious liberty


The U.S. bishops are taking their new effort to protect religious freedom to Congress.

Bishop William Lori, head of the Bridgeport, Conn., diocese and chair of the bishops' new ad hoc committee on religious liberty, is set to testify this afternoon before the House of Representatives subcommittee that deals with issues of constitutional rights.

On this day: Bl. Celine Borzecka


On this day we celebrate the feast of Blessed Celine Borzecka (1833-1913), Foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection.

"The Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection was founded in Rome in 1891 by a widow, Celine Borzecka, and her daughter, Hedwig. The formation of the Congregation was the first time in the history of the Catholic Church that a religious community of women was founded by a mother and daughter."

--from the web site of the Castleton, New York, Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection.

Morning Briefing


Letter: Response by Bishop William Morris to the Australian Catholic Bishops Statement of 22 October 2011. This link opens a pdf document.

AP Exclusive: Exodus as pope's Legion of Christ reform lags. Disillusioned members are leaving the movement in droves.

A round up of opinions: Does Pope Benedict support Occupy Wall Street?

One man's opinion: The Pope, Chaplain to Occupy Wall Street? Rubbish by George Weigel


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