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'Decision time': Obama pauses contentious debt talks, President waits for 'plan of action' from lawmakers as warnings on default sounded

Ireland attacks confessional secrecy after Catholic sex abuse scandal

Ireland Calling out the Vatican, Irish report says Catholic Church has not helped stop sex abuse. Read the latest on the Cloyne report on NCR: Foreign minister summons nuncio, seeks response to Irish abuse report

GW law professor files complaint over Catholic University’s plan for single-sex dorms

Reactions to the Cloyne report


We have posted two news stories about the Cloyne Report. See Foreign minister summons nuncio, seeks response to Irish abuse report and Irish report reveals abuse, bishop's mismanagement. Here's one reaction to it.

Statement by Anne Barrett Doyle, co-director,

The government report on the recent handling of clergy sex abuse cases in the Cloyne diocese in Ireland is eerily similar to the grand jury report released earlier this year by the district attorney of Philadelphia. Like Philadelphia archdiocesan officials, Catholic church leaders in the Cloyne diocese continue to show a brazen disregard for both civil law and the church's own internal policies.

The Cloyne report is disheartening confirmation that even today, despite the Church's knowledge of the profound anguish of thousands of victims, its reform policies are public relations ploys, not child protection programs.

Marian apparitions on ABC tonight


After several schedule changes, tonight ABC will air "Beyond Belief" about Marian apparitions tonight on PRIMETIME. (See my earlier blog: ABC to air documentary on Mejdugorje.)

A friend sent me this notice: If you wish to "TIVO" it for future viewing, it is titled "Primetime Nightline: Beyond Belief" in the TIVO system (with "The Miracle Mysteries" used in the description field).

Ireland: Gov't report finds bishops didn't follow own abuse guidelines


NCR will have a complete report on this soon. Until then, read what the independent The Irish Catholic is reporting:

Cloyne Report reveals guidelines not implemented

Allegation of 'inappropriate' behaviour against Bishop John Magee

The Murphy investigation into the handling of allegations of child sexual abuse against clerics in the Diocese of Cloyne has concluded that the Church’s own guidelines were “not fully or consistently implemented” in the diocese as recently as 2008.

The report, concluded by Judge Yvonne Murphy, also reveals that Bishop John Magee (left) has admitted to what has been described as inappropriate behaviour with a young man who he embraced, kissed and told the young aspirant for the priesthood that he loved him.

The 400-page report also records for the first time stark disagreement between Irish bishops over whether Bishop Magee – a former secretary to three Popes – should quit as Bishop of Cloyne after he was found in December 2008 by the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church (NBSCCC) to be operating child safeguarding policies that were “inadequate and in some respects dangerous”.


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