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There must be an app for that


One morning at breakfast we sisters were talking about something that had happened between some people we knew and one sister said, "Well, we can only change ourselves." Another said, "I continue to realize this more and more that I can only change myself; I have to look in the mirror myself." And then one of the sisters said very quietly, "There's an app for that, you know." There really wasn't but we had a great laugh to start the day since we all have smart phones of one kind or another.

Now with the launch of the new "Confession: A Roman Catholic App" on Monday the blog world is abuzz with chatter and commentary abounds.

Press Release: Tom Monaghan steps aside at Ave Maria U


The press release:

Ave Maria University Board of Trustees
Announces Jim Towey as School’s Next President

AVE MARIA, Fla. (February 10, 2011) – Ave Maria University’s board of trustees announced today that Jim Towey will be the university’s next president. Towey will be responsible for the day to day operations as president when his term begins on July 1, 2011. Thomas S. Monaghan, who currently serves as Chancellor and CEO of AMU will remain Chancellor, but will relinquish the responsibilities of CEO and hence the oversight of the daily operations of the university.

The board of trustees voted on the appointment of Towey at its regularly scheduled meeting earlier this week. Chairman of the board of trustees, Michael T. O. Timmis, made today’s announcement on behalf of the board. Timmis praised the incredible vision of Monaghan and the solid foundation that he has set in place for AMU. He also talked about the confidence the board has that Towey is the right person for AMU at this stage of its development.

From the mailbag


From the mailbag comes this news release from the Medical Mission Sisters of Philadelphia, Pa.

75th Anniversary of Historic Vatican Decree

February 11, 2011 marked the 75th anniversary of the Vatican Decree Constans Ac Sedula, a proclamation that enabled Catholic Sisters to train and have their members work as medical doctors, surgeons and obstetricians.

The Medical Mission Sisters and many bishops, priests and missionaries around the world had appealed to Rome for many years to change a Middle Ages Canon Law that prohibited Sisters with public vows from being doctors. 75 years ago the Vatican not only lifted the ban but also encouraged that “new Sisterhoods be founded which shall devote themselves ... to the care of mothers and children in peril of life and health.”


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