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Father Pfleger and obedience


If Cardinal George’s suspension of Father Michael Pfleger was meant to shut him up, so far it seems to be working. Plenty of folks have been speaking out—mainly hurt and angry parishioners—about the letter the outstpoken Chicago priest received yesterday, but Pfleger has declined to speak to the media.

In the sternly written letter—which the archdiocese gave to Pfleger, the parish and the media—George officially suspends Pfleger from his duties as pastor of St. Sabina Parish on Chicago’s South Side. The straw that broke the bishop’s back seems to be Pfleger’s public remarks that he would leave the Catholic Church if reassigned.

"If that is your attitude, you have already left the Catholic Church and are therefore not able to pastor a Catholic parish," the cardinal wrote.

Beatification Q&A #4: What's the Divine Mercy connection?


ROME -- For the wider world, this Sunday will be remarkable as the day when Pope John Paul II is beatified. But John Paul himself would probably insist that it’s even more significant as “Divine Mercy Sunday,” a liturgical feast based on the teachings of an early 20th century Polish nun and visionary named St. Faustina Kowalska.

tJohn Paul II died on April 2, 2005, just after a vigil Mass for Divine Mercy Sunday, and six years later, he’s being beatified on the day itself.

On this day: Easter Rising, 1916


On this day, in 1916, as the Easter Rising raged on in Dublin, one hundred Volunteers in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, 65 miles south of the capital, took control of their town.

Fearghal McGarry, in The Rising: Ireland: 1916, Oxford University Press, 2010, gives details.

"In the early hours of Thursday morning one hundred Volunteers, armed with pikes, shotguns, and no more than two dozen rifles, seized the town. . . . The Enniscorthy Volunteers appear to have had a realistic sense of what was achievable; Galligan told a local priest 'that we were only carrying out our orders and I believed that there was no hope of success'.

Beatification Q&A #3: Why make saints out of popes?


ROME -- Here’s a true story, drawn from the only-in-Rome files.

tI was sitting at a restaurant with a friend Monday night when the hostess came by to chat. She mentioned the bad weather (it’s been raining off and on), but went on to say that as a believing Catholic, she finds a bit of gloom appropriate for Good Friday and Holy Saturday, a reminder of Christ’s suffering and death. When she learned I’m a journalist covering the beatification of John Paul II, she became animated in talking about how much the late pope had meant to her as a Roman.

Video of nuclear weapons facility protest


Two Buddhists are banging fan drums as they walk through the downtown area of Oak Ridge, Tenn. They're marking a fast beat while chanting a Japanese mantra in low, hushed tones. As they walk their yellow robes are billowing in the wind.

Step by step they move forward. They weave through the trafficked streets and low-rise buildings of the "Secret City" -- so known because of its veiled history as the location where the uranium used in the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, was enriched.

Behind the Buddhists march over 160 activists. They've all gathered to protest a proposed major new facility at the nearby Y-12 National Security Complex, a key nuclear weapons production and maintenance complex.

NCR first covered the April 16 event last week.

Now, the group which organized the protest has made available video from the April action.


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