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Vehicles that protect the troops


Here’s the last weapons system the Government Accountability Office identified as a boondoggle, as reported in The New York Times.

It is the Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected Vehicle, or MRAP. We actually have 20,000 of these in varying designs from different manufacturers. We spent $36 billion to construct them. Most are so big that only three fit in a C-17 transport which raises the question of whether we will leave them behind in Iraq and Afghanistan and who might eventually use them.

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Sign by bridge brings focus to infrastructure


A sign with "Say Your Prayers" is near a Canadian bridge deemed to be very fragile by two expert reports, The Canadian Press reports. The sign is from the Montreal archdiocese. The archdiocese says the sign is just a humorous way to get people's attention about Holy Week, yet they also want to draw some attention to the need for safe infrastructure.

For the Union Dead


Allow me, if you will, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War to borrow a title from poet Robert Lowell. Lowell wrote in 1964, nearly 50 years ago, about the commercialization of downtown Boston in contrast to the revered Robert Gould Shaw memorial, which still stands at the top of Beacon Street.

My lament is literally for those Union dead, the men who perished fighting for the cause of the Union. In our current climate, they are usually no longer even afforded the privilege of being an afterthought. At most times, they seem to be barely thought of at all.

Vatican priest's mission for African migrants to Italy


The BBC reports on the work of Fr. Mussie Zerai in helping African migrants fleeing North Africa:

With thousands of migrants from strife-torn North Africa arriving in Italy, the BBC World Service's Outlook programme spoke to a man who is trying to assist the travellers on their perilous journey. Not a human trafficker - but a priest.


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