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God and Moses with Google


Need something to lighten up your Holy Week? (home of "Ask the Rabbi" and Jewlarious) has this really funny take on what the Exodus would have been like if God and Moses had Google. I know Holy Week is solemn, and Holy Thursday's commemoration of Jesus' Last Supper -- which three of the four Gospels infer was a Passover Seder although some folks argue it wasn't -- is serious business. Still, I think there's room for laughter this week. Take a tiny break from work and prayer to chuckle about how the Exodus would have been different if God, Moses and the Pharaoh had Google.

Remembering my mother


On April 2, my mother died. That, plus recent travel, has prevented me from my blog writing. I want to say something about my mother's death.

She, Alma Garc'a Araiza, was 90 years old and in declining health. Five years ago, she was diagnosed with dementia. It affected her short-term memory, but she could remember the past very well. Fortunately, shortly after this diagnosis, I videotaped her talking about her history. Some years earlier, I had also audio taped her memories. I would encourage those who have not done the same with parents or grandparents to do so soon. It is important to pass on the memories and history of our family members for us and for future generations.

Echoes of the Exodus


On this week’s Interfaith Voices, Rabbi Capers C. Funnye (one of the few black rabbis in the United States) and Diann Neu, a co-director of the Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER), reflect on the role of the Exodus motif in freedom struggles through the ages. These include the journeys of African Americans, women and people in the Middle East today.

Vehicles that protect the troops


Here’s the last weapons system the Government Accountability Office identified as a boondoggle, as reported in The New York Times.

It is the Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected Vehicle, or MRAP. We actually have 20,000 of these in varying designs from different manufacturers. We spent $36 billion to construct them. Most are so big that only three fit in a C-17 transport which raises the question of whether we will leave them behind in Iraq and Afghanistan and who might eventually use them.

Morning Briefing


Sign by bridge brings focus to infrastructure


A sign with "Say Your Prayers" is near a Canadian bridge deemed to be very fragile by two expert reports, The Canadian Press reports. The sign is from the Montreal archdiocese. The archdiocese says the sign is just a humorous way to get people's attention about Holy Week, yet they also want to draw some attention to the need for safe infrastructure.


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