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What could you do with $454 million


Outside Spending: The Final Tally

— By Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones

By the time voters went to the polls last week, outside groups had spent more than $454 million to influence campaigns. But there's little evidence that all that spending benefited Republicans much more than Democrats, as the final tallies on spending were actually pretty close.

A total of $197.4 million was spent backing Republican candidates, while groups spent $181.1 million for Democrats, according to Federal Election Commission data compiled by the Sunlight Foundation.

Read the full report here.

Morning Briefing


Catholic Jews and the Holocaust


During the run up to the Jubilee Year 2000, Pope John Paul asked all local churches “to do everything possible that the memory of those who have suffered martyrdom should be safeguarded” (TertioMillenioAdveniente, 1994) In Edith Stein and Companions on the Way to Auschwitz (Ignatius Press, 2010) author Fr. Paul Hammas has done just this for the Catholic Jews of Holland who were rounded up, sent to Auschwitz, and murdered.

Invitation for Pittsburgh NCR readers


NCR senior correspondent John L. Allen Jr. is to speak in the Pittsburgh area Nov. 10 and Nov. 11. Both talks draw on his book, The Future Church: How Ten Trends are Revolutionizing the Catholic Church.

He will speak Nov. 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the Kearns Spirituality Center at La Roche College. This was organized by the Association of Pittsburgh Priests. The suggested donation is $15.

The Nov. 11 seminar is 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the community center of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary in Villa Maria. The $65 registration includes breakfast and lunch. Registration is required, and is available at 724-964-8886 or

How to store leftovers in an earth-friendly and healthy way


Storing leftovers has long been a way to stretch out the pleasures of holiday meals over the following days and many a kitchen cabinet is well stocked with plastic tubs, cling wrap and other containers. Although they cut down on food waste, some containers pose more of a burden on the environment and potentially to your health, than others. Storing food in reusable containers helps reduce environmental impacts associated with single-use containers, but knowing more about different types of containers (including the type of resin for plastic containers) can help you make better choices.

"Simple Steps" on the Natural Resources Defense Council's Web site has good information on the environmental and health impacts of storage containers

Church groups try to stop foreclosures


Church and charitable organizations have always stepped up to the plate to aid the homeless. But what about helping prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place? That is the goal of a national network of faith-based groups, homeowners and community organizers who met with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner earlier this month to talk about the issue of home foreclosures.

Belgian Archbishop Hit with Pie


"The saga of Belgian Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard took a turn on Nov. 1 when Léonard was hit with a pie during an All Saints’ Day Mass.

Reuters reported on the "entarté" ("pie-in-the-face") episode in a Nov. 6 article, noting that the pastry-wielding assailant struck after the archbishop had exacerbated outrage over the pedophile priest crisis by saying that retired clerical offenders should not face criminal charges. The archbishop had also raised hackles with a comment to the effect that AIDS serves as retribution against gays for engaging in sexual behavior with one another."

The outrageous behavior was filmed and is on YouTube.


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