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Seminaries producing 'half-baked priests'


These aren't my words and I didn't chose the headline. Here's a story that comes to us from UCA News:

Some seminaries are producing “half-baked priests” because professors lack the skills to form all sides of their students, the secretary of the Association of Rectors of Major Seminaries (ARMS) said on the sidelines of a conference this week.

Professors have degrees that equip them for academic training but not to deal with “the complex nature of priestly formation,” Father John Kulandai said.

Read the full story: ‘Seminaries producing half-baked priests’

The 2010 midterm elections: An exercise in narcissism?


It was a stunning shock to many: only two years after garnering a strong mandate from voters, Democrats and their president found themselves on the business end of an electoral shellacking. The midterm election result was a surprise to some for sure -- but not to many critical observers, including Catholics, of America's consumer society.

Fr. John Rausch is one of ten environmental saints for our time


Mallory McDuff, a regular blogger on the Huffington Post, recently named Glenmary Fr. John Rausch one of the top ten religious environmental saints of our day. Fr. Rausch is an activist in the Appalachian region, working against mountaintop removal mining. He was interviewed in our special issue on ecology this year.
To see who the other saints were, read the full article.

Human rights lawyers: Prosecute Bush, former officials for torture


George W. Bush’s newly published memoir, Decision Points, provides fodder for an ongoing criminal investigation of Bush administration officials, writes Bill Quigley in a recent column for The Huffington Post.

In his memoir the former president admits to authorizing the waterboarding of detainees, which is considered torture under international and U.S. law, notes Quigley, the legal director for the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR).

Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice


NCR has Cole Stangler, a Georgetown University student, covering the Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice 2010, being held at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Nov. 13-15. The weekend of study is to culminate Monday with a day of action on Capitol Hill.

Here's a recap of the events so far:

Organized by the Ignatian Solidarity Network, an organization promoting advocacy among students and alumni from Jesuit schools and ministries, this year’s Teach-in is the first to held in Washington D.C.

After years of holding the Teach-in at the School of the Americans in Fort Benning, Ga., ISN hopes to take advantage of this year’s location to engage in direct advocacy with Congress and other policymakers. The weekend’s theme is “Prophetic Lives: Caminando Juntos,” drawing inspiration from the Jesuit martyrs killed for their social justice work in El Salvador on Nov. 16, 1989.


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