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Tweet, tweet to fight HIV


So far, I've managed to avoid Twitter, despite my general enthusiasm for social networking and the web. But this project is enough to get me to sign up:

ONE, the grassroots group co-founded by Bono to fight poverty and disease in Africa and around the world, is organizing thousands of supporters to "tweet" (send a message via Twitter) President Obama, asking him to increase support for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria over the next three years.

Obama has proposed cuts to the Global Fund, and ONE is hoping thousands of tweets will change his mind. As of 1:30 p.m. Central Time, nearly 6,000 messages had been sent. With increased funding, supporters argue, virtually no child will be born with HIV by 2015.

If you're already on Twitter, you can add your message by clicking here.

Me? I'm off to start a Twitter account.

The ties that bind


Christy Gagne was born, curly-haired and plump as any Botticelli angel, a little after 11:00 pm, August 4th amidst a circle of women speaking three languages. Christy’s mother, Emmanuella, comes from Port-au-Prince, now a collapsed city where people live in tents above the rubble of their former homes. The hour the January earthquake struck, Emmanuella was about to take a nap with her two-year-old son. Mother and child escaped the building unharmed; but on that afternoon, Emmanuella’s expectations for a future in the Haitian capital crumbled along with the walls of her apartment.

A dramatic presentation of abuse documents


Last week, I blogged on how the 2005 report from the Philadelphia grand jury inquiry into the Philadelphia archdiocese's handling of clergy sex abuse cases over 40 years has been turned into an audio book. (See Philadelphia grand jury report available as audio book)

Now word comes that the Bridgeport, Conn., branch of Voice of the Faithful has turned more court documents into a play, "Bless Me, Father, For I Have Sinned!"

NCAN also addresses the Apostolic Visitation


The National Coalition of American Nuns (NCAN) at its annual board meeting Aug. 16 -18 in Detroit, Michigan, issued statements on several church topics. The following is what NCAN had to say about the Vatican Apostolic Visitation:

A number of seminary personnel reported that the investigation of US seminaries in 2005 and 2006 did not reflect their actual experiences. We question how the Vatican will determine the results of their visitation of U.S. communities of women religious. No visitation should be completed without a final report being shared with the investigated community. We believe that the lack of transparency will invalidate the whole visitation process.

NCAN speaks out on women's ordination


The National Coalition of American Nuns (NCAN) at its annual board meeting Aug. 16 -18 in Detroit, Michigan, issued statements on several church topics. The following is what NCAN had to say about women's ordination:

As Vatican II Catholics, committed to following Jesus who welcomed all people, we, and the majority of U.S. Catholics, believe in women’s priestly ordination. We cannot remain silent. We call for open, honest, and meaningful discussion.

Army chaplain dies in combat


From Religion News Service:

Army chaplain first to die in combat since Vietnam

A Baptist minister from Oregon who was killed in Afghanistan Aug. 30 is the first Army chaplain to die in combat since Vietnam, according to the Army.

Capt. Dale Allen Goetz, 43, died in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan's Arghandab River Valley. He had been in Afghanistan less than a month. Four other Fort Carson, Colo., soldiers were also killed in the attack.


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