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Where is the Cavalry Mr. Obama?


The President listed many steps he is taking to prevent another catastrophe like the one occurring in the Gulf of Mexico, all of which make sense. But, the central difficulty the past few weeks, and the President knows this better than anyone, is that he government charged with protecting our shores lacks the technology to stop the oil gushing from the broken well, and must rely on the same company whose willingness to cut corners created the mess in the first place. None of the steps the president outlined address this difficulty.

More on affinity fraud


Catholic priests, Fr. Marcial Maciel -- the "efficacious guide to youth," founder and beloved patriarch of the Legionaries of Christ and sexual predator -- Bernie Madoff and others have employed "affinity fraud" to prey on those in a similar religious or ethnic class, as I've previously written.

Today the Securities and Exchange Commission charged a purported money manager, his New York City-based investment company, and two of his associates with conducting an affinity fraud and Ponzi scheme that specifically targeted investors living in the Caribbean and African-American communities of Brooklyn.

Affinity fraud is real and its dangerous. Be alert.

How to Pass Immigration Reform


In Washington, a prospective policy always faces two hurdles. Is it the right thing to do? And, is it politically feasible to do? Between now and the November midterm elections, the second question becomes more and more difficult and the need for comprehensive immigration reform is in danger of falling by the wayside because of the lack of political will to accomplish a policy that everyone knows must be enacted.

What to do? The President should send up to Congress the exact same proposal on comprehensive immigration reform that his predecessor, George W. Bush, sent to Congress and which was killed in 2007. That proposal may or may not be exactly what the Democrats would want, but it would be a great improvement over the current law. And, the political onus would be placed on those Republicans who supported the Bush proposal then to explain why they do not now support the exact same proposal.

Eucharistic adoration at the Vatican in reparation for abuse


Check this out at the Catholic News Service blog: Eucharistic adoration at the Vatican in reparation for abuse.

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican is hosting two hours of eucharistic adoration “in reparation for abuses committed by priests and for the healing of this wound within the church.”

The service in St. Peter’s Basilica this Saturday will feature an hour of silent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, an hour of prayer and meditation, and a solemn blessing at the end.

CNS correspondent John Thavis reports that the Vatican hasn't publicized the event. Invitations were sent by e-mail and word of mouth.

Thavis says the event is being organized by "Catholic university students in Rome. "

Archbishop Dolan's life won't get easier


The new Catholic power couple of New York -- State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who is running for governor, and his newly-selected running mate for lieutenant governor, Rochester, NY Mayor Robert Duffy -- support abortion rights and gay marriage and oppose the death penalty.

If elected, there should be areas of collaboration with the church, both in New York City and in the rest of the state. However, there will be no doubt areas of intractable conflict. All of which means that Archbishop Dolan's life won't get easier.

The saintly Sr. Margaret - and her episcopal detractor


“She is a kind, soft-spoken, humble, caring, spiritual woman whose spot in Heaven was reserved years ago,” a doctor at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix wrote. “The idea that she could be ex-communicated after decades of service to the Church and humanity literally makes me nauseated.”

“True Christians, like Sister Margaret, understand that real life is full of difficult moral decisions and pray that they make the right decision in the context of Christ’s teachings. Only a group of detached, pampered men in gilded robes on a balcony high above the rest of us could deny these dilemmas.”

These paragaphs come from a column in The New York Times written by Nicholas D. Kristof and hardens a perception of our church hierarchy today, adding another nail into its evangelical coffin.

Might I add, a perception sadly earned over a considerable period of time.

The Gulf spill and our contradictions


In an era when calling oneself a liberal or a conservative can suggest a desire for a position on the front lines of the culture wars, Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne manages to label himself 'liberal' while maintaining a rare civility. Which puts him in a great place to call out the contradictions in the posturing of both sides as bared by the oil spill in the gulf.

Are you a "big government" liberal who all of a sudden sees the benefit of blaming the private sector when things go wrong? Or are you a "small government conservative" like New Orleans Gov. Bobby Jindal now insisting that the government step in when private enterprise boots it?

Whose spill is it? Dionne asks, and his analysis of our conflicting and confused answers is spot on.


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