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The Tea Party Wins in Nevada


Be careful what you wish for is an admonition that suddenly applies to both parties. In Nevada, the Tea Party candidate for the GOP Senate nomination, Sharron Angle, scored a significant victory over two more mainstream opponents. She will now take on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Reid’s campaign was thrilled at the prospect. Angle’s views on a number of subjects are far outside the mainstream: She wishes to abolish the Energy and Education Departments and to privatize Social Security. This last will not go down well with older voters who have moved to Nevada for its climate and lower cost-of-living, secure in the fact that their Social Security checks would provide them at least a decent retirement. Many of those same older voters saw their 401ks and other forms of private retirement accounts get wiped out in the past few years, so it is doubtful that privatizing Social Security will sit well with them.

A priest and his kids


There’s a buzz of excitement in our parish lately. A new priest is set to join us on the first of July -- and everyone can’t wait to hear all about his children.

Don’t mean that metaphorically. Like we would use, say, “flock.” Our new parish priest has kids. Of his own. From his marriage.

According to early reports circulating the pews, he joined the priesthood late in life, after his wife passed on and his children were grown. He’s served at other parishes in the Los Angeles area, and has a great reputation.

This is becoming more common, as the church reaches out in new ways to attract more priests to the fold. A Jesuit friend of mine comes from the same background – he commited to the priesthood after his wife’s untimely death. His two sons were (and are) very supportive -- he is a fantastic priest.

I get a kick out of him in a few ways: 1) I love watching people’s faces when he starts to talk about his children, his wife, his career and his marriage. 2) And I love calling him and hearing crying infants in the background, when he’s been recruited to help babysit for his grandchildren -- just to give the kids a bit of a break.

Traps and booms


Breton Sound, La. -- This is what it is all about. In the foreground are crab traps. They should be out in the water at this time of year. Instead, they are sitting on the dock. Meanwhile on the boat, deckhands are preparing to set off with a load of oil restraining boom.

I spent the morning out along Bayou La Loutre in St. Bernard Parish, La. An oil disaster response staging area has been set up here on Breton Sound.

Brother Louis and authentic holiness


It wasn’t long after my wife and I moved to Kansas City, Mo., 16 years ago that we met Brother Louis Rodemann. He is a short man, lean and wiry with enormous hands and ready smile. He has the strength of someone who for decades has carried cases of No. 10 cans of everything from the parking lot to the basement and back to the first floor.

He has lived for decades where most of us rarely visit. “The poor” is not an abstraction to him; he is one of those for whom biblical reality is not some proof-texting exercise or a trip into layers of interpretation.

The reality for him (Josh McElwee writes about him here) has been a call to unrelenting service to some of the most marginalized in our culture. He's taking a well-deserved sabbatical.

When So-called Pro-lifers Are Hateful


I know, I know. Interdict got a bad name and is viewed as a tad heavy-handed and what with all the controversies, the bishops are ill-advised to behave in such a manner. Still, reading this blogpost from a group that styles itself pro-life, and watching this video of protesters harassing the graduating class and faculty at Gonzaga High School, the thought of an interdict crossed my mind.


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