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'Fasting,' 'obedience' take on different meanings during Lent


One of the puzzling things that I always think about first of all when we have this Scripture passage about the temptations of Jesus: Were they really temptations? I mean, could Jesus really have said "Yes" to Satan? He's the son of God; could he have sinned? Well, we have to remember that Jesus was also fully human, and this is one of the ways in which the mystery of the incarnation becomes so real.

After baptism, we are called to serve through compassion and love


Editor's note: This homily was given Jan. 12.

At the beginning of the liturgy, Dave introduced the three readings in a very effective way by pointing out to us how they call us to allow ourselves to change -- to be open to change in our lives. I hope to reinforce what Dave said at the beginning as I reflect on these Scripture lessons with you, as we try to listen to them together and see what they're saying to us this morning.


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