On the Road to Peace

'The days of violence are ending': an excerpt from 'The Nonviolent Life'


Greetings from Scotland! I'm spending a few weeks traveling around beautiful Scotland, speaking everywhere on peace and nonviolence. I will write about the trip as soon as I catch my breath, but this week, I thought I'd offer another excerpt from my new book, "The Nonviolent Life." This is from the conclusion. The book is available from paceebene.org. As we say in Scotland, cheers!


'Shall we strike with a sword?' No to war in Syria


One day, when Jesus was marching toward Jerusalem, some of the hated enemy Samaritans denounced him for his nonviolent campaign. The disciples were furious, appalled, filled with moral indignation. They suddenly forgot Jesus' lofty talk: "Love your enemies"; "offer no violent resistance to one who does evil"; "blessed are the peacemakers." They were ready for war, and they had a just cause.


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