On the Road to Peace

'Bidder 70' focuses on climate activist Tim DeChristopher


Edward Snowden's revelation earlier this month to The Guardian that the U.S. government keeps phone records of nearly every American is shocking, disturbing and, alas, to be expected. We've become a culture of unbridled corporate greed, unchecked violence and global warfare that serves the 1 percent and hurts the world's poor, hungry, sick and children, not to mention the earth itself, so it's no wonder Big Brother is monitoring us all.

Only 32 states left after Maryland's repeal of the death penalty


Maryland's had the death penalty since 1638; that is, until Thursday, when Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley signed a law abolishing it. This is cause for great rejoicing and gratitude. Maryland becomes the 18th state to abolish the death penalty. Six states have done so in the last six years. That leaves 32 states.

'No more hurting people,' 8-year-old bombing victim begs


Last week marked a typical turn in our world of violence -- dozens killed in explosions in Iraq, U.S. drone attacks in Afghanistan, the ongoing U.S.-backed occupation of Palestine, the force-feeding of U.S. prisoners at Guantanamo, our president's daily perusal of his assassination list, millions of children starving to death around the world, ongoing U.S. preparations for nuclear war, the continued exploitation of the earth and its creatures, inner-city shootings, 14 dead from a fiery factory explosion in Texas -- and the Boston Marathon bombings.


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