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NCR's Camille D'Arienzo featured in The Times


NCR columnist, the indefatiguable Mercy Sister Camille D’Arienzo, was featured in The New York Times this week. The article focused on the positive way Catholics have been greeting their new pontiff, Francis, Bishop of Rome.

It also reminds readers, in passing, that women religious across the country continue to stay focused on their work with the marginalized in society, including much prison work.  These, of course, are the very ministries Francis is encouraging Catholics to be engaged in.

D’Arienzo’s, the article notes, is a former president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, “the very organization that fell under Vatican scrutiny last year.”

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Alas, this irony is not lost on NCR readers.

“I am pretty confident that this nonsense with the Vatican is going to go away,” D’Arienzo is quoted as saying.



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