¡Buen provecho!

by Tracy Kemme


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It was September, and we had been in Ecuador for almost two months.

As Rostro de Cristo volunteers attempting to live simply in intentional community, we didn’t have many treats. We shared a weekly food budget of $60 and shopped at the local corner stores like our Ecuadorian neighbors, getting as creative as we could with the basic ingredients offered there: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, bread, noodles, onions, eggs, milk and other fruits or vegetables depending on the season.

On this particular September Sunday, we realized there was some left-over money from the previous week. Two of my community mates decided to try a banana cake recipe they’d read about. Finally! It had been too long since we’d tasted home-baked dessert. We waited in joyful hope as they mixed delicious ingredients at our kitchen counter and put the pan in the oven. A sweet aroma danced through the house, priming our senses for post-meal paradise.

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