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Former LCWR president gives Dudleian Lecture


With a lecture titled “Priesthood of the Faithful: Light in the Darkness,” former president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious Dominican Sr. Mary Hughes spoke about what it means today, after the Second Vatican Council, for a Catholic to fulfill his or her baptismal call.

Hughes spoke Thursday at the Dudleian Lecture at Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, Mass. The talk was also live-streamed, and it was to be available soon on the divinity school’s website.

Papal resignation puts Vatican LCWR mandate in question


With the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow Rome time his pontificate comes to an end, Roman curial heads resign, and the Vatican shuts down.

We all become adults again, at least until we have a new “Holy Father.”

But that’s not all.  The old guard, those Vatican prelates who colluded to force an outrageous investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, and who ordered LCWR into a receivership until it mends its ways, are out.

They will have no authority to continue their work, pending a new dictate by a new pope. 

New York women religious open doors for mothers released from prison


In Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, ex-convict Jean Valjean in France fulfills his second chance with help from a bishop. Some female ex-offenders in New York today get a second chance because of an organization founded by women religious.

St. Joseph Sr. Teresa Fitzgerald is the executive director of Hour Children, a New York not-for-profit organization that helps mothers released from prison get their lives in order. It provides services inside and outside of prisons, such as housing, employment training, mentoring and day care.

LCWR receives Paulist award for social justice work


Boston’s Paulist Center Community has given its signature annual award to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), a group that represents the majority of U.S. Catholic sisters, in recognition of the social justice work of sisters across the country.

LCWR’s president, Franciscan Sr. Florence Deacon, accepted the 2013 Isaac Hecker Award for Social Justice at a ceremony at the Center Jan. 26.



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