Preview: Project offers spiritual aid to the homeless


Wayne Richard had never been on a retreat before. The Chicago native had been raised Catholic by his grandmother, who sent him to parochial grammar and high schools before she died. That's when Richard, at 15, ended up living on the streets.

After years of homelessness and addiction, Richard got help through the Cathedral Shelter, run by the Episcopal diocese of Chicago. It was there, in 1999, that he met Jesuit Fr. Bill Creed, who was offering retreats for homeless men and women through what he called the Ignatian Spirituality Project.

Preview: With Little Friends for Peace, couple has dedicated decades to nonviolence education


At the far end of a narrow second-floor hallway in the Perry School Community Services Center, a three-story brick building in a low-income neighborhood that's a short hike from the U.S. Capitol, is the Peace Room. At the top of the door is a painting of a wide-winged dove. Inches below are words that might have been lifted from a bumper sticker: "Stand for peace." "May peace prevail on earth."



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