'Last Ounce of Courage' falls flat, fails to inspire


Bob Revere (Marshall R. Teague) is a patriotic pharmacist who takes care of a band of benevolent patriotic bikers in rural small-town Mt. Columbus, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, USA. His newly married son goes off to war, leaving his pregnant wife, Kari (Nikki Novack), behind. When the young man is killed in action, Kari takes her newborn son, Christian, to Los Angeles.

Exhibition reunites biblical art and maps development of adoration


The Museum of Biblical Art in New York has mounted a remarkable exhibition with Bartolo di Fredi's 14th-century masterpiece, "Adoration of the Magi." This small but powerful exhibition, one of many in the seven-year history of the museum, is an exploration of exactly how a "painter of faith" narrates adoration.

A real pilgrimage takes time, reflection and a lack of smartphones


VATICAN CITY -- Fr. Caesar Atuire is not naive enough to ask his pilgrims to leave their smartphones at home.

However, the CEO of a Vatican-related pilgrimage agency does ask his pilgrims to at least look at the holy sites -- perhaps even say a prayer -- before clicking and capturing the moment in a photo, text message, tweet or Facebook post.

Radio program explores homosexuality in different faith communities


Public opinion about homosexuality is changing rapidly, and civil law is not far behind. Gays and lesbians are increasingly open about their relationships and accepted. In some states, they now can marry legally and adopt children.

But among those who are people of faith -- with a few exceptions -- gay men and lesbians wrestle with how to be faithful to their religious traditions while living fully the human reality in which they discover themselves.



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