House narrowly OKs Affordable Care Act repeal-replace bill

The House passed a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act by a four-vote margin May 4. The final vote was 217-213.

Assuming that all Democrats voted against the bill — which they did — the Republicans needed to avoid having 22 of its own House members defect to the "no" camp. In the finally tally, 20 Republicans voted against the measure.

This latest GOP repeal-and-replace bill was rushed through with such speed that the Congressional Budget Office did not have time to prepare an analysis of it before the vote.

Critics line up against expected executive order on religious liberty

As President Trump readies a much-anticipated executive order on religious liberty, critics are lined up to take action before he even signs it.

Legal and religious experts say that the rights of women, LGBT people and religious minorities will be threatened by the new order but their fears are based on a draft of the order leaked earlier this year. Trump reportedly will sign an order as soon as May 4, which is the National Day of Prayer.



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