Placing your bets on the island of misfit toys


By this time next year, the American people will have selected a new president. Only once in the 20th century was a two-term incumbent president succeeded by someone from his own party: In 1988, George H.W. Bush captured the White House after Ronald Reagan's two terms. So, if history is any guide, 2016 should be a good year for the Republicans, except that the current crop of GOP contenders are all trying to out-crazy each other.

'Disappointed' bishops ask why Catholic hospitals excluded from new plan

New Jersey's Catholic bishops have weighed in on a growing concern over a new health insurance plan introduced by the state's largest insurer, saying they were "disappointed" all but one Catholic hospital was being excluded from preferred access.

"Over the years, we had considered Horizon to be a partner in delivering health services even to the vulnerable populations we serve," the bishops' letter said. "With the rollout of the Horizon OMNIA Alliance, that partnership seems to be a memory."



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