The signs of salvation

We tend to think that the trial of Jesus happened only at the end of his life, before the rulers of the people, Pilate and Herod. In reality, Jesus was on trial for the entirety of his earthly mission. Every time he did or said something, it raised implicit questions, like, "Who does he think he is?" and "Is this the one to come?" Response to those questions depended on two basic sources for discernment: the religious tradition of Israel and the openness of each individual to accept or reject the challenge of Jesus' person and message.

Preview: No tabernacles necessary


Back in the early 1960s, one of the games we North American College "old men" would play with new arrivals to the institution would be to take them to a couple of Rome's oldest churches and challenge them to find the original tabernacles. Usually, they didn't have any. If the church did, the tabernacles were located in a back pillar, or in a wall near the front door. As far as I can remember, in no church was it situated near the main altar, or in any place physically conducive to eucharistic adoration.

Announcing the coming

Look at your Advent calendar. Can you spot John the Baptist with his 100 percent organic outfit and odd, non-vegetarian diet? Although he hardly fits the cute calendar images, he's a key character of the Advent season. His warning that it's time to change our behavior may sound a bit like "You'd better watch out ... you'd better not pout ..." but the reward he promises for conversion is not at all like a tinseled tree surrounded by toys and electronics.



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