Protecting Our Democracy, the Faith Community's Role

We believe that as voters we have the ability to choose the elected leaders who represent us. When it comes to elections, we want a transparent process we can trust, where Americans have equal freedom to vote regardless of our identity, where we live or how we worship. But today, a handful of politicians have put up barriers to silence our voices.

Interfaith Power & Light's Faithful Voter Reflection Guide states that "voting is the very foundation of representative democracy ... but this most basic right has been undermined by courts and politicians who make it harder for citizens to participate in the political process. Those who erect obstacles to voting are violating one of our most sacred values and damaging our democracy."

Join Rev. Susan Hendershot for a discussion with Rev. Terrance M. McKinley, Sojourners' Director of Racial Justice Mobilizing, and our affiliate leaders from Georgia, Michigan and Texas, to discuss what's at stake and why people of faith and conscience and our faith communities are uniquely positioned to protect our democracy.

Our time together will inspire and equip you to protect democracy and elections in your community. Together, we can ensure that every American can safely and freely cast their ballot so that every voice is heard and our elections reflect the will of the people.

Join Interfaith Power & Light on July 14th at 7pm ET/4pm PT. RSVP at