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Benedict Resigns

Why I came to love Benedict XVI


Some leaders know which moments or decisions in their lives will lead all biographies of their lives. Winston Churchill knew that his leadership during World War II would be the central theme of all future historians looking at his life. John F. Kennedy understood that his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis would define his role in the history books: If he messed that up, nothing else would matter.

US Secretary of State Kerry: Wishes of 'peace and health' to Pope Benedict


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says the U.S. government is "grateful to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for his leadership of and ministry to the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics."

"He has been a man of action and principle, working to promote human rights and dignity in places around the globe where they are too often denied, and a voice of clarity and conviction about our obligations as stewards of a fragile planet," Kerry, himself a Catholic, said in a statement.

Los Angeles' recently criticized Mahony to help elect new pope


Cardinal Roger Mahony, the retired archbishop of Los Angeles who was been publicly disgraced in past weeks over his handling of priests accused of sex abuse in the 1980s, has confirmed he will be voting to choose the next pope.

Writing in a statement posted to the Los Angeles archdiocese's website, Mahony recalls that he took place in the 2005 conclave that selected Pope Benedict.



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