Benedict Resigns

Final days of Benedict full of unclear calls for change


As a few night owls strolled through the crisp Roman evening Feb. 28, they were illuminated by one less reflection of lights. Behind the northern side of the square’s iconic colonnades, the apostolic palace was dark.

In a small but tell-tale sign of the transition facing the church, the lights of the pope’s apartment had been turned off.

Vatican II 'collegiality' remains roadmap for journey ahead


As the cardinals gather in discussions this week to determine the road ahead, I hope they stay focused on church governance as the key to moving forward.

It is widely understood that Vatican dysfunction has placed a heavy burden on the church and led to the burdens of which Emeritus Pope Benedict spoke before his retirement.

The Vatican is incapable of running the global church. But let's keep in mind it did not have to be this way – and that our emeritus pope brought much of it on himself.

Germans look back on Benedict's papacy with mixed emotions


When Benedict XVI announced his resignation Feb. 11, he filled front pages across his German homeland as media commentators assessed his eight-year pontificate and tributes came in from public figures.

Yet some say enthusiasm for the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger never reached a high level in Germany, where relations between the pope and his own countrymen always remained complex.

"I think many Germans had trouble from the outset with the idea of a German pope," said Stefan Forner, spokesman for the German church's Berlin archdiocese.

Was Benedict launching a 'youth movement'?


There is much speculation about the possible effects of Pope Benedict's resignation. Some consider it a mere glitch, a personal choice by an elderly and tired pontiff. Others think it could have a momentous, ongoing ripple effect that will alter the face of Catholic leadership for centuries. Promoting this latter school of thought is an article in the online publication International Political Economy, edited by Marvin Zonis.



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