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Conclave 2013

And the pope elected by the conclave of the People of God is...


After four rounds of voting, you, the readers, selected Cardinal Angelo Scola as the man you thought would become the next pope.

About a month ago, we started with the 117 eligible cardinals in the College of Cardinals, then had readers vote on the top 25, the top 10, then the top five. Scola of Milan won in the final round, with Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston as the runner-up, coming in 30 votes behind Scola.

Brazilian Cardinal Scherer shows pastoral warmth


On Sunday March 10, as the cardinals fanned out across Rome to celebrate Mass at their titular churches -- those assigned to them in an ancient linkage with the Bishop of Rome -- Brazilian Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer celebrated a mid-morning liturgy at Sant'Andrea al Quirinale, a beautiful if comparatively small church with pews for 200 worshipers.

Twice that many media members surrounded the seating area, the camera operators angling to position their viewfinders as the cardinal preached his homily in Italian, reflecting on the Gospel parable of The Prodigal Son.



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