Conclave 2013

What happens between now and the conclave?


What will the cardinals be doing before they are sealed into the Sistine Chapel for the conclave? Several days of meetings discussing logistics and rules, frank discussions about the state of the  church and lots of dinners, says Austen Ivereigh, writing in The Tablet, London’s Catholic weekly.

Ivereigh was a director of public affairs for Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor when the cardinal was archbishop of Westminster in England.

Cardinals do it too: A, B and C lists


Cardinals Sean O'Malley of Boston, Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston and Francis George of Chicago met the press for a half-hour at the North American College, home to American seminarians in Rome.

There wasn't much hard news out of the session, though it was interesting to hear each man speak briefly about how he plans to go about preparing for the papal election.

One interesting comment on that score came from George. In effect, he said the cardinals don't go about things all that differently than those of us who get paid to handicap papal candidates for a living.

Benedict's final theologian quote


Assuming tonight’s brief salute by Benedict XVI from his balcony at Castel Gandolfo isn’t really a substantive address, he likely delivered the last public remarks of his life this morning in which he'll quote a Catholic theologian.

If so, Benedict went out on a characteristic note, citing the modern thinker who’s had the greatest imprint on his own thinking –- Romano Guardini.

Pope meets cardinals for last time


ROME -- NCR staff writer Joshua McElwee was in the Vatican press briefing room watching the last meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and the college of cardinals. The meeting was held in  Clementine Hall inside the Apostolic Palace, but broadcast live beginning at 11 p.m. Rome time (4 a.m. USA central time).

McElwee described the event as it unfolded on this Tweeter feed  @joshjmac as did Catholic News Service @CatholicNewsSvc.



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