Conclave 2013

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In response to vast popular demand ... okay, in response to the fact that my wife has been demanding that I do this for a long time, and finally got so sick of waiting that she did it herself and presented me with a fait accompli ... I am now part of Twitter nation. Readers can find me at @JohnLAllenJr. The idea is that this will be another way to keep everyone informed, especially about the momentous events that will be unfolding over the next few weeks in Rome. 

Vatican lashes out at pre-conclave media reports


On Thursday, a major Italian newspaper carried a sensation report alleging that a secret Vatican document commissioned in the wake of last year's leaks scandal had identified a shadowy "gay lobby" within the institution, suggesting that its influence might have been in the background of Pope Benedict XVI's decision to resign.

In the immediate wake of the report, Vatican spokespersons basically said "no comment," stressing that they couldn't confirm or deny the contents of a report that was supposed to be eyes-only for Benedict XVI.

Indonesian cardinal says poor eyesight will keep him from conclave


At least one of the 117 cardinals eligible to elect a new pope will not come to Rome because of illness.

Indonesian Cardinal Julius Darmaatmadja, the 78-year-old retired archbishop of Jakarta, told the Rome-based AsiaNews agency Thursday that his health and particularly the "progressive deterioration" of his eyesight led to his decision not to travel to Rome.



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