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Recipes For An Ecofriendly Lent

For Lent 2022, EarthBeat is cooking up "Recipes for an eco-friendly Lent." Each Wednesday and Friday, Elizabeth Varga of the blog "At Elizabeth's Table" will share plant-based recipes that are perfect for Catholics abstaining from meat on Fridays ... or any day of the year.

Dietary dependence on animal agriculture is one of the leading contributors of climate change and environmental degradation. By abstaining from animal products like meat and dairy in our meals, we not only participate in the obligatory Lenten Friday fast, but also care for communities most affected by ecological harm and help to heal the earth that we all call home.

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Eco-friendly Lent recipe: plant-based lo mein

Eco-friendly Lent recipe: teriyaki mushroom tempeh salad

Eco-friendly Lent recipe: crispy chickpea stuffed sweet potatoes

Eco-friendly Lent recipe: vegan broccoli cheddar soup