Francis in Korea

Kia gives Francis' Souls to Korean bishops


 Kia Motor has announced the company would donate three Kia Soul cars to the Korean bishops' Preparatory Committee for the 2014 Papal Visit.  These cars were used during Pope Francis’s visit to South Korea. The pontiff declined to use a larger sedan.  According to published reports, the committee said that two of the cars will be sent to the Vatican, and one will remain in Korea to be put on display. 

Seoul cardinal tells Sewol families to 'concede'


Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung, archbishop of Seoul, has called upon families of the victims in the April Seoul ferry tragedy “to concede at a certain point” their demands for an independent investigation and prosecution for the culpable.

In a press conference, he also warned reporters against exploiting the pain of the Sewol families, calling on everyone to help heal the pain.

Day 40 of hunger fast, Sewol father hospitalized


Kim Young-oh, whose 17-year-old daughter died when the Sewol ferry sank and has been fasting for 40 days, was hospitalized today. He has been on a hunger strike demanding legislation by the South Korean government to order an independent investigation into the disaster, with legal mandates to prosecute anyone found culpable.  Parliament has been unable to agree to the terms of Kim and members of other families whose relatives were lost April 16th when the ship went down after crew members all escaped on life boats but left passangers behind.

Korean paper: 'We were intoxicated under a holy spell'


Like a fine wine, the aftertaste in Seoul, South Korea has been overwhelmingly positive in the three days since Pope Francis left following his five-day pastoral visit.  The media has been aglow with praise.

Francis touched the hearts of Catholics and non-Catholics alike, believers and non-believers as well.

One example, an essay a professed atheist, professor of sociology at Seoul National University, Song Ho-keun, wrote in the Korean JoongAng Daily. Staff the JoongAng translated Song’s essay into English.



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